Wimbledon The Championships 2014!

Lets recap the memories from the greatest tournament in the world shall we!

Wimbledon is honestly one of my favourite places on Earth, I recommend to absolutely anyone if you get the opportunity. Even if you’re not the biggest tennis fan, there is just a lovely relaxed yet excited atmosphere and I love hearing some of the different supporters accents. That’s just me though and I’m sure some people aren’t so keen on it, but believe me, it is still a very, very British place!

Just had to get a McDonald Caramel Frappe for the journey

Holly, Dad and I went down Saturday morning, arrived about 3 hours later, then Holly and I got in around 10am with tickets for court 2. Dad queued and got in around 1 which was good considering he didn’t think he would even get in!

A rather funky bar display

Unfortunately, it rained a fair bit of the time so we only got to watch 1 match. Milos Raunic v Lukas Rosol. A good match of which Raunic won, he even got through to the semifinals against my all time favourite player Roger Federer!

Strawberries and Cream popcorn – only in Wimbledon ‘ey!
Had some melon balls to keep me going through the rain

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to go next year if we’re lucky! 

Love Vic x





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