Monochrome Skirt / White Top / Blood Brothers Cambridge

A couple of Thursdays ago I went on a school trip to Blood Brothers by Willy Russel in Cambridge.

Monocrome skirt 1

Now I had already seen this as we have to study it during GCSE Drama, and we were told that this would be our only opportunity to see it as it was going on tour after! Little did we know it would come on tour to a theater 2 hours away, so we went to see it again!

Monocrome skirt 2

Either way, I’m actually quite pleased I had already seen it as the scary shock ending wasn’t quite as much as a shock! A few of the actors had changed but I think I might have even preferred it this time! And yes, it might have had to do with the fact that this was right next to the adorable Cambridge Market and I may have spent a few little pennies in Cath Kidston …

Monocrome skirt 3

All in all it was a wonderful day and a definitely recommended Musical!

Monocrome skirt 5

Monocrome skirt 4

What did you think if you’ve seen it? And what’s your favourite thing about Cambridge?

Love Vic x

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