Today is the last day of the half term, and I must admit I have not been all that productive. I have stupidly left my homework to now, and instead of revising I have been lusting over the H&M website wishing I had the money to buy every item that makes my heart flutter just a little.

So with the rain pouring down and Dances with Wolves on in the background, I present to you, my current H&M A/W picks!

Biker coatCardiganCoat in a wool mixFake fur coat

Jacquard-knit cardigan £29.99

Coat in a wool mix £24.99

Biker coat in a wool blend £24.49 (reduced!)

Fake fur coat £69.99

Superstretch trousers Beaded Skirt Sequined SkirtCrinkles Skirt  Superstretch trousersWraparound skirt

Sequined Skirt £24.99

Beaded skirt £24.99

Crinkled skirt £12

Wraparound skirt £19.99

Superstretch trousers £14.99

Jumper in a wool mixJumperJumper in a texture knitShort jumper

Jumper in a textured knit £14.99

Jumper £7.99

Jumper in a wool knit £24.99

Short jumper £9.99

Lace dress £12.99 A-line dress Bandeau dress Sleeveless dress

Sleeveless dress £29.99

Bandeau dress £24.99

A-line dress £19.99

Lace dress £12.99

H&M is probably my favourite all time shop, whatever your looking for they all most always have it (at a good price) plus a few more expensive ‘treat yourself’ items. If you’re looking for a LBD they have tonnes more I could have included, but I didnt want to bombard this post with them so check out the website for more beautiful clothing!

Have you got your eye on anything in particular this season at H&M?

Love Vic x

This post is not sponsored and all the pictures are from their website.

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