2 Days Of Christmas – Benefit Beauty Bonbons Review

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Today’s post is a kind of first impressions review of Benefits Beauty Bonbons set which I got as a birthday present!

The packaging is, as with all benefit products, simply adorable! And it comes in a very sturdy tin which is great for other storage (I’m thinking brushes?!)

These are the first ever benefit products I have tried, and I have to say the stand out product is definitely Hoola. A completely matte bronzer, perfect for every skin colour and really creating a shadow for those cheekbones.

I also love the porefessional primer, which although feels quite odd, creates a perfectly matte base and really keeps you makeup on ALL day.

The highlighter, high beam, is also great for just dabbing on the top of those cheek bones. Although you do have to blend it a bit more then I was expecting as it is a liquid highlighter (everyone thinks it’s a nail polish when I get it out!)

The only slightly ‘let down’ product for me is the mascara. Yes, I was as shocked as you, for I thought this would be the holy grail best I’ve ever used mascara. Maybe it’s something to do with it being a mini, or I’m not applying it right, but it is just to wet for me to get those long separated lashes.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this, and very very grateful for my friends for getting it! And hopefully the mascara with grow on me (it might dry a bit and then become my all time favourite mascara!)

Love Vic x






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