Fitness Haul ft Nike and Puma

The 1st Monday of February 2015. A month in to many ‘get fit’ ‘get healthy’ ‘go to the gym’ New Years resolutions. And no-one like I’m a pessimist, but I’m sure I’m also right in saying many may have failed. However. I think the 1st of February is now a great time to kick start and get back into it! So here’s just a few bits and bobs I picked up in Sports Directs (the sale is seriously good I might add).
IMG_9643.JPG All clothing (and they had quite ally of equipment on sale too!) from Sports Direct. Leave below how well your first moth of 2015 has gone. Love Vic x (I’ve also been VERY nervous about these pictures out there for everyone to see, so please only nice things in the comment)

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