February Favourites

A round up of my favourite things from February; pretty self explanatory ‘ey.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
This was one of the first makeup products I ever brought, and recently I’ve found myself reaching for it again and again. It’s only a light coverage but it has such a lovely cream consistency I simply build it up under neath my eyes, then pop on a tiny amount of collection lasting perfect in shade 1 for that extra brightness.IMG_0919.JPG

Beauty Crush (vlogs)
As far as inspiration goes, Sammi is definitely up there. Every time I watch one of her videos, especially vlogs, I just want to be her bestfriend! With Jason, their two dogs, beautiful style and simplistic chic home she just looks like she has the perfect life! (And yes I know lots goes on behind the camera but you get the jist)IMG_0916.JPG

Seeds of Change Quinoa Brown Rice
We recently found this in Tesco and have been eating it non stop. It has a garlicky, nutty flavour perfect added to salad, with stews, stir frys and a great replacement for white rice.IMG_0918.JPG

Especially sweet and salty – it’s the best of both worlds! As long as you don’t go eating an entire bag of cinema toffee popcorn, it’s actually a pretty good replacement for crisps and other fried foods. Popping your own is even better as well; but who always has the time?!

Rimmel Day2Night Mascara

This mascara has two wands, one with thick tightly packed ‘bristles’ (??) where as the ‘length’ wand picks up much less product but still provides plenty of length. At £7.99 its not the cheapest mascara, but it’s certainly not the most expensive and it’s great as you truly can take pop it in your bag and take you from day to night.


Yankee Candle Vanilla Honey
Not too sweet, not to musky, this scent has just been a nice neutral candle to burn as we leave Winter.

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I put this on every day before bed and my skin really does eat it up (perfect ‘hand food’ ‘ey). Its not to thick but not to runny either, and also a great size for your bed side table or to pop into your bag.

So there it is, a real mix of everything I’ve been loving this month from popcorn to mascaras. Leave below your favourites and what you’re looking forward to this month.

Love Vic x


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