Exploring London // Middle Temple and Tate Modern


At the weekend I took a school trip to London, it started off a visit to the Middle Temple but developed into a bit of a walk round London and look around the Tate.



Despite the 5 am start (!!!) I had been looking forward to it for a while as the Middle Temple, one of the four ancient Inns of Court, is right in the heart of London and there’s not much I love more then a visit to the capital. Unfortunately, my family aren’t the greatest fans of the city so any opportunity to go I’m there snapping away like a typical tourist.







To be completely honest I wasn’t overly impressed with the Tate, I found it all a bit disjointed and feel like there was a lot of wasted space but maybe to someone more ‘artsy’ it would be heaven! Nice for a spontaneous walk around, but I wouldn’t dedicate and entire day just to it.



Let me know if you’ve ever visited either the Temple or Tate and what your thoughts were,

Love Vic x

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