Sweet Potato and Bean Stew Recipe


This stew is so full of flavour, so easy, and perfect with quinoa/brown rice for something more hearty or on a bed of kale for some extra nutritional boost. It’s also super versatile, you can basically put in any sort of fresh veg, tinned beans or herbs too really make it your own. You can even use less vegetables, add some boiling water and have it as more of a ‘soupy’ stew simply on its own.

Serves 2 small

1 x 400g tin chopped tomatoes

1 x 400g tin mixed beans rinsed

80g sweet potato cubed, steamed for 5 minutes until slightly softer

100g frozen spinach

1tsp tumeric

1 tsp curry powder

To serve

120g quinoa/ brownrice/buckwheat etc


1 bag of kale steamed (around 240g)


Throw everything in a medium sauce pan, heat on a medium flame until the sweet potatoes are soft but not disintegrating and piping hot (around 30 minutes).

Check seasoning, adding any herbs/spices you wish, and voila! Serve with any grain/vegetable and enjoy! This tastes even better the next day when all the flavours have developed even further.


Love Vic x

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