Apricot and Almond Quinoa // Recipe


I cooked up a big batch of quinoa at the beginning of the week, and when raiding the fridge one day (don’t pretend, we all do it) I spotted a tub of fruity couscous. Dried fruits and grains are one of my favourite combinations; there’s just something about a nutty base with chewy pops of sweetness! So, inspired from this I checked out the ingredients list and created a completely quick, delicious and gluten free version!


Serves 2 as a side

1/2 cup quinoa (if not already cooked, add to 1 cup boiling water on a medium heat with a squeeze of lemon for 15minutes)

2tbsp whole almonds

3 dried apricots, diced

1tbsp raisins

1/4tsp dried parsley

1/4tsp lemon zest

pinch of cinnamon

pinch of turmeric


Simply prepare all your ingredients,season and mix together in a bowl!


,Leave below what your favourite way to use left over grains are.

Love Vic x

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