Vegan Pesto, Gluten Free Granola and YoYos // LifeStyle

I’m incredibly stingy when it comes to money. Almost embarrassingly stingy if I’m honest. The majority of my wardrobe it under £15, and if you see me spending over £20 on something it’s a rarity. You stick me in a food shop however, and it’s a whole new story. As a lover of all food, I’ll happily splash out if I knew its going to taste good, but if its healthy, then I will really go all out.


Before you know it, I’m at the counter my arms full of quinoa chips, nakd bars and chia seeds (I took true advantage of the Holland&Barrett penny sale today), but this particular collection if what I picked up at Norwich Rainbow WholeFoods after a particularly delicious meal at Wild Thyme (review to come after a few more visits know doubts).


Brown Rice Spaghetti and Pesto

Although my family aren’t massive pasta eaters, I’d heard such great things about brown rice pasta so had to pick it up. I had also been toying with the idea of making my own pesto for a bit but never got round to it due to my lack of nutritional yeast (remember what I said about being tight when it comes to money?!) and pure laziness off having to drag the food processor out only for a few spoonfuls of sauce, so was delighted when I found a vegan pesto made almost entirely of nuts and oil!

I think this spaghetti, some steamed asparagus, maybe a few peas stirred with a few spoons of pesto sounds like a perfect summer dinner. I also think the pesto would be good spread on some toasted rye bread, almost like a healthy garlic bread??


YoYo and Nakd Bars

I seem to always have a stack of these in the cupboard, they can be quite expensive considering how small they are so always take full advantage of any sales (believe me, I really take advantage of them). Yoyo’s are basically healthy winders, and Nakd bars are just chewy bars of goodness (great description there). They are both available in sooo many flavours and the perfect snack on the go.


CoYo and Gluten Free Granola

I have wanted to try coconut milk yoghurt for ages now and despite it’s slightly pricy tag (I think this 1 pot was around £3.50??) I think I’m hoping its worth it. Paired with this granola, which is made of gluten free oats, honey, oil and absolutely nothing else, or with some chia seeds I’m sure it will be thick, creamy, coconut bliss!


As for the lentil sprout mix, I didn’t really make much of it and only picked it up because it was on offer for £1. Not much flavour, or substance – ‘meh’ is all I’ve got to say to that one.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what’s on your ‘to get’ list,

Love Vic x

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