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Balance. It’s something every single person on this planet is looking for. If I’m perfectly honest I’m not really sure what I’m writing here – but all I know is balance is something I’ve been struggling with the last few months, and I thought it might be a good idea to just start typing and hopefully it might help (at least myself if no-one else)

A balance in time; work, leisure, studies, exercise, sleep and relaxing is one I think I’m pretty on top of. Exam season is upon us so, as I’m sure most teenagers have this month, a lot of my time has gone into studies (even though I only have 3 important science exams this year thank goodness). Unusually, there’s something about studying really enjoy. It’s not the studying itself, or the stress of the exam, or the frustration of not being able to learn it, it’s just knowing I have a plan of what to do – and doing it. And, perhaps most of all, knowing what I’m doing is actually useful. I like a plan, and I like being helpful (whether that be to others, or to myself) so I don’t find revision all that stressful (the exams, are different story however).

I like to know what I’m doing and where everything stands. And this is definitely something I’ve been trying to ‘let go of’ a bit. I don’t have to know exactly where I’m going at what time and what I’m going to eat where and how much everything is. I can just ‘live in the moment’ a bit more; as cringy as that might sound.

One of the biggest things, and arguably hardest, things to balance is food. How much of what and when to eat it, it can all be a bit overwhelming. And when you’re someone like me who adores cooking, baking and wants to make a living out of it one day, it’s pretty hard not to think about it. I try to eat as plant-based as possible, but obviously that’s almost impossible when you’re 15 and living at home (as you would expect). I hope to live like it for the rest of my life, as I think changing your diet should be a life long thing, and not just ‘going on a diet’. But for now, I’m of course still going go out to pizza hut for my friends birthdays and bake cake’s with chopped chocolates and cookies dispersed throughout it. And what I’ve realised with in the last, maybe 2 months, is that its fine to do that. Not only is it fine to do that, but it’s healthy to do that.

Talking about food to my family is one of the things I dread most, as for a family that love food appearing cut out meat, dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugar does seem pretty extreme. But  I’ve also realised how much better things get when you are just honest about it, and there might be another blog post all about honesty if I’m feeling it in the next few weeks.

I’m all typed out by now, so think it’s time to go reheat my quorn (yes, it’s not plant based, but this is all about finding a balance, remember) bolognese on a bed of broccoli my family saved me while I was at tennis.

Have a wonderful weekend, Love Vic x

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