Wimbledon 2015 // Travel

Wimbledon are two of my absolute favourite weeks of the entire year. There is nothing I love more then the strawberries, the icecream, the Pimms (and the tennis, of course), and I was so thankful to go again this year. 

We left about 7 in the morning but didnt arrive until 11, where my sister and I went straight in and headed to the shop. I hate to sound like an old lay here, but the mugs and tea towels are honestly so quaint we had to buy them. 2

The weather was absolutely perfect, we sunbathed on ‘Henman Hill’ for half an hour before we found our seats on court 1.



After Heather’s close call with Serena, (which we watched on a TV through the window in some LTA office under centre court), I have a very good feeling about this year for Murray. And we even managed to get a picture with Judy Murray who we spotted walking on our way out!!


Lunch was gorgeous. The food at Wimbledon is always top notch, this year they had fish and chips, ‘the grill’, pizza (which I had the last two years and seriously recommend), pasties, as well as your sandwiches, wraps, salads, and of course strawberries and cream.

I had the ‘naked burrito’ from a mexican place, which was lettuce, grilled pepper, black beans, salsa, cheese, sour cream and we also got some tortilla chips and guacamole.




For me, travelling back through London is something that never gets old. Holly absolutely hates the busy bustle of the city, but for me nothing beats it. Every time I visit I still treat it like I’ve never seen a skyscraper before!

Hope everyone’s been loving the sunny weather and drinking lots and lots of Pimms.

Love Vic x

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