Roots Review Norwich // Eating Out

Pottergate Lane is one of my favourite parts of Norwich, it’s cobble stone pavement is full of little shops and cafes; Moorish Falafel Bar, Strangers and Grovesnor being some of the best in my opinions.


And yesterday I tried another places for lunch, the rustic and fairly busy Roots. The menu had plenty of vegetarian/gluten free options, and I’m sure you could ask some of the dishes without cheese to make them vegan. I also spotted a gorgeous array of cakes set out by the window which plenty of couples seemed to be enjoying.
We decided to sit outside, which although small was lovely with some (slightly droopy) plants and 4 tables.

courgette salad

I had the Raw Courgette Salad, which I really had no idea what to expect of. I imagined more ‘spiralised’ courgette covered in pesto, but instead it was fairly short strips of yellow and green courgette, with a slightly minty oil dressing and shavings of parmesan and flaked almonds. If you are vegan I’m sure you could ask to it without the cheese, however I was pleasantly surprised with how well it went with the almonds. And at £6.95, you would definitely want to get it replaced with something.

sandwichEllie went for the club sandwich, which consisted of 3 layers of brown bread with chicken, tomato, bacon an served with salad and crisps. This looked like one mighty sandwich and cost £5.95, so I’d say it was pretty good value.

The menu itself looked amazing, with  2 more vegetarian salads, lots of sandwiches, a ploughmans (meat and vegetarian). It also serves a ‘grazing’ menu where you can pick 5 dishes for £19.75, which I’m hoping to try very soon ( the Tempura Vegetables and Grilled Aubergine & Buffalo Mozzarella Roll sounding particularly good).

Overall I think Roots has something for everyone, vegans, fish lovers, carnivores, gluten free, for lunch, dinners and desserts.

Love Vic x

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