Wild Thyme AKA Veggie Heaven // Eating Out

Tucked away in Labour in Vain Yard off St Giles Street, Wild Thyme is one of my favourite places to eat in all of Norwich. Every single item is vegetarian, with many vegan and gluten free available as well (or can be adapted to) so all needs are catered for. It is fittingly located above a healthy food shops, with wooden floor boards, teal blue accents and a very ‘shabby chic’ look about it.

sweet potato dauphonise

This is the ‘Sweet potato & sage dauphinoise with caramelized red onions, goats cheese & a vegetable jus’ which I must say was absolutely delicious. When my Mum ordered it I wasn’t convinced it would be anything special, but I will admit I was pretty jealous after sneaking a bite from her.


I’m not sure they actually sell these anymore, but I had ‘Raw spring rolls’ which were very fresh and light, however if you were particularly hungry you’d probably want something to go with it. They also came with a dipping sauce that I still debate asking them to buy a little pot of; it was that good.

This is the closest thing they have to this on the new menu – ‘Warm thyme roasted squash & puy lentil salad with sun blushed tomatoes, polenta croutons & a poached egg’



The starters are priced between £5.75 to £6.25, and the mains around £9 which I think is reasonably price considering how much organic, and ‘healthy’ foods typically cost. Puddings are just over £5, and the cakes just over £3 I think.


The side of garlic bread is definitely one to share.


‘Raw cashew chocolate orange ‘cheesecake’.

Just as a disclaimer this is a selection of different dishes from various visits; unfortunately I didn’t get to eat every one at one meal 😦

If you’re hungry, look away now. SERIOUSLY.


brownie spoon

Mmmmm. I’d take quite a few minutes staring at this vegan, gluten free warm, gooey chocolate brownie with melting vegan ice cream on top.

I’m now so hungry looking at these I think I’m going to have to grab the vegan/gluten free courgette and chocolate cake I brought to takeaway at the weekend …

I hope this has convinced you to give it a whirl (whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or complete burger addict!)

Love Vic x

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