Why ‘New Year Diets’ are a load of ****

Diet is a huge part of every single persons lives. Essentially, without a diet we wouldn’t be alive, and without the certain things in our diet, that life could be extremely short. And not only that, diet brings alot of joy into our lives. Cause quite frankly, food tastes bloody fantastic. And we know that after Christmas more than ever – I’ve just demolished one of the last pieces of Christmas cake (a long with a couple of chocolates) and still eyeing up that box of biscuits under the tree.

Today at work, I offered some one one, I repeat ONE, parma violet (those slightly flowery sweets the size of a penny coin) and they replied ‘Ohh better not, New Years diet’. Now I understand that you probably want to start treating your body a little better after so much indulgence, but surely it’s better to treat your body well, eating the stuff you like in moderation, all year round – rather then completely denying yourself for say 3 weeks, which is more likely going to leave you unhappy and feeling deprived.

Now because I am such one of life’s over thinkers, this particular comment kept running through my brain for the rest of the day, along with thoughts such as ‘Well, maybe I should really start doing the same’ and the likes. So when I got home, I turned to good old twitter and that’s when I decided to get real Vic.

If I suddenly decided that tomorrow, nothing remotely ‘unhealthy’ was going to pass my lips then quite frankly I’d be screwed. In my house, we’re still clearing out the last of the Christmas food and I want to enjoy that without feeling guilty. So, if when January the 1st hit and you’d written a list spanning the length of your Christmas tree’ just remember to keep it realistic. Sure, challenging yourself to, for example, go without chocolate for a month, might make you feel great and really proud! However, if you’ve set out to run three marathons, lose half your body fat, get A*’s in every exam, and never to eat an ‘unhealthy’ thing again, then this will most likely lead to you failing, and feeling like shit.

So moral of the story – don’t compare what others are doing to what your doing, and don’t be a dick about what you’re trying to achieve and when.

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