The ‘Down to Earth’ lot

Jess Wreford

I don’t know when or how I first found Jess, and not only is she hilarious, but as a trained nutritionist she genuinely knows what she talking about. Her recipes aren’t ‘gluten free’ or ‘vegan’ or ‘paleo’ or anything else like that, they’re just easy, simple, fairly cheap and wholesome meals that anyone can enjoy. Jess’s twitter, blog, and instagram is actually one of the reasons I’ve learnt that you can love fitness, wholesome food, exercise AS WELL AS chocolate, pizzas and how you don’t have to spend every spare minute you have exercising to be healthy.

Joe Wicks

You’ve probably already heard of The Body Coach, with 735k instagram followers and a 1# best selling book. Joe’s principle is eating low carb, high fat/protein meals 2 times a day, and if you work out then that 3rd meal should be high carb. As someone whose done the whole ‘low carb’ thing before, I’m so grateful for buying this book, as it’s taught me your body actually needs carbs  (read more about this here). His instagram consists of ‘before and after’ results of clients who have followed his plan, but also his quick, healthy, ‘Lean in 15’ recipes. Don’t be put off by the high amounts of meat if uses in his recipes, as a vegetarian, I find you can substitute nearly all of it for quorn (or even tofu).

Carly Rowena

I have some serious love for this lady. She came into my work one day (No33) and I rather embrassingly did a little squeal of excitement when I turned around and saw her at the door. She is a fully qualified personal trainer, so knows her stuff, however, that doesn’t mean all she talks about is how you should be eating kale for every meal and squatting it out 24/7. She loves a chocolate bar as much as the rest of us, and she still has those abs we’re all lusting over – again proving everything in moderation won’t stop you reaching your goals.



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