Everything Eggs and the Best Pizza Hut EVER // Weekly Eats

A good mix this week from lots of raw veg and goodness to the honestly the best Pizza Hut meal ever.

greek salad + eggGreek salad from work with a poached egg.

Egg + Kale

This has been the basis of all my weekend lunches recently – veg sticks, some sort of dip (Moroccan hummus here), an egg for that protein (hard boiled and mashed with chilli, salt and pepper), and some kale cooked in a little oil, paprika, rosemary and seasoning at 180C for 15 minutes.

Pizza hut

A group of us from school were recently treated to a meal at Pizza Hut. They do a new sharing meal which is 1 pizza, garlic bread sticks, 2 sides and 1 sharing cookie dough or 2 ice cream factories. We chose onion rings and sweet potato fries (a new addition to there menu), and split the pizza 4 slices veggie (of course) and 4 Hawaiian. While I can’t account for the ham and pineapple, everything else was amazing and definitely enough for three people – which for £25 is pretty amazing.

Edamne + Lentil crisps

Carrot, cucumber, pepper, hummus (with curry paste, it may not look great but honestly tastes so good), lentil crisps and my new favourite edamame beans with ‘Greek style cheese’ aka feta. This comes in a little pot from the co-op and is honestly the most amazing mix of soy beans, sun-dried tomatoes, tiny chopped olives and creamy cheese.

I hope this gives a bit of inspiration for your meals this week,

Vic x


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