Vegan Protein Ice Cream (Tofu!?) // Recipe


As well as the firm tofu used in stir fries, salads (i.e. in my Tofu Salad), curries etc., Silken Tofu is a slightly less common variation of this soy product.

Because it has less water pressed out of it (compared to the ‘firm’ type), it has a much softer texture and so you do have to be careful when handling it (it can literally fall apart in your hands as you take it out of the container!).

Being it’s so easily blended, it’s commonly used in salad dressings, sauces, desserts and even vegan omelets! And here I’m using it as an ice cream like alternative that is delicious, nutritious, high in protein, calcium and iron from the tofu, as well as antioxidants and vitamins from the berries


1 packet silk tofu (around 350g)

1 cup frozen berries (any mix will do)


1/2 scoop protein powder

Fresh fruit to serve

1tbsp maple syrup/honey

1tsp ground flax seed, chia seeds, pumpkins seeds to serve

Ground nuts

Coconut (chips, desiccated, flakes)

wood scoop 2

The only one true step is to simply blend the tofu and berries together in a food processor!

Simple as they come.

You can then add any optional add-ins, and of course make it look nice and pretty (if you’re doing it for the Instagram pic obvs).

wood spoon 2



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