Norwich Vegan Pop Up Shop July 2016

The last Saturday of every month Norwich Vegans host’s a pop up shop at the Quakers Meeting House, filled with yummy food as well as cruelty free jewellery, make-up and local produce.







Hungry Herbivores

Hench Herbivores

Elle Lewis-Smedley (Jewellery)

Tropic Skin Care

Forest Walkers (Bath/Body)

Their Facebook will give you a full list of the stall holders, as well as reminding you of their shops, local Vegan events etc. I also attended the Norwich Vegan Festival, which had even more stalls and food and will definitely be looking forward to going next year as well.

If you’ve ever attended comment what you’re favourite buys where – and I hope this encourages more people (meat eaters alike) to learn more about veganism!

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