Vegan Chocolate Heaven


Nutella Bar

I am seriously not kidding when I say these bars taste like Nutella. I will admit I massively miss that nutty chocolate Moorish spread, especially with peanut butter on a biscuit *drool* BUT you could give this bar to anyone and they would think you’ve  created some frozen Nutella covered in chocolate with nutty chunks amazingness. The bar is quite thick, but the whole hazelnuts throught stop it becoming too sickly and they are also available in mini sizes. Just WOW.

Darker then Dark

Lindt may be most famous for their Lindor truffles (sadly not vegan) and EWster Bunnies (the dark version of which actually is dairy free!) but there 70%+ bars are dairy free. Honestly they’re not my favourite, and if I’m in a supermarket I would rather get the Tesco (as below), however they are still pretty good. Do be careful as most of their flavoured bars do have dairy even though they are dark, but if you do enjoy dairy then shop away!

The Posh One

I found this in my local wholefoods (Rainbows), and it they make tonnes of different ‘premium’ bars, from ‘Marzipan’ to ‘Fiery Chilli’. As well as milk/white, they have such a wide variety of bars I cant wait to find another dark to try soon.

Snack Bars

Nakd bars are pretty standard now, and they have Choc Mint, Coco Crunch, and Choc Orange for chocolate addicts energising snacks.

Perfect Gifts

Hotel Chocolate are well known for creating gorgeous looking luxury chocolates. I always think they’re customer service is brilliant (I’m over those free chocolate tasters!), but many people don’t know is that nearly all their dark chocolate are completely dairy free! My personal favourites are the Fruit and Nut, Batons, Praline Bars (which is so hard to find without milk in), Praline Truffles and they even do a 100% bar for intense cocoa lovers.

Standout Supermarket

In my opinion, the best supermarket dark chocolate is Tesco, wth Co-Op being a close second. Their own makes are cheaper then other bars (like Green and Blacks and Lindt) but taste creamy, rich, and the perfect thickness to melt in your mouth.

Vegan Specialists

Like Vidanni, you might not be able to find in your local shop, but iChoc make 6 equally delicious (looking at least, I have yet to work my way through every one) bars, that are perfect for those that might not be the biggest fan of dark chocolate. They produce ‘milk’ and ‘white’ bars, and use raw cane sugar to ensure high quality, so dairy eaters and avoiders alike can enjoy amazing flavours.

Creamless Ice Cream

Soy Glace produce chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream which is so creamy and sweet you honestly would never know its vegan. I know someone who buys this as they are lactose intolerant, and whose whole family now only stock this in the freezer as they find it  really is just as good as the real thing! The only thing I would say is its a tad softer then normal scoop, but I prefer that as you don’t get those horrible icy, brain freeze enducing scoops you almost have bite to eat. They’re also great to have in the house as you can dress it up with some sprinkles, melted chocolate, strawberries and roasted nuts to create quick, easy and cruelty free desserts!

*just ate almost half a tub of this ice cream staring into the distance at the dinner table and have worked myself into a real ice cream coma, whoops*

I hope this has given a good insight to the wonderful world of dairy free chocolate, and shown you how easy, in expensive and delicious is to find bars for all diets.





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