Perth PEACE Expo // Life

 The Perth PEACE Expo is ‘An informative and fundraising event for all the family, promoting ethical alternatives and compassionate eating in an exciting, interactive and inclusive environment’. I was so excited when I found this event as it really is a collection of all the things I’m passionate about; good, healthy (and not so ‘healthy!’, cruelty free foods while raising money for ‘for three of Perth’s animal sanctuaries, who work tirelessly for the animals, to help give them the love, care, respect and life that they truly deserve.’

There were 10 speakers present, as well as 32 stall holders! These ranged from animal sanctuaries, bakeries, hair dressers and face painting, so there was plenty to see and do (and most importantly, eat).

  For more information, check out their site, and leave a comment if you visited!

Walking around after we also spotted the Perth Home Grown Market, filled with not quite so healthy treats, so we then spent a while exploring that (and sampling more food …naturally…)





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