Grill’d Review AKA Burger Heaven // Eating Out

Grill’d is an Australian burger chain, boasting a vast menu of beef, chicken, lamb, veggie burgers, steak sandwiches, salads as well as 3 types of fries. It looked brilliant online so couldn’t wait to visit as a results day celebration. And boy was it the best celebration I could have wanted. For those from the UK, I’d say it is most similar to GBK, which I also adore as it has great options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

 I had the Veggie Vitality, which is a beetroot, sweet potato, spinach & quinoa veggie pattie with avocado, golden pineapple, carrot & cos lettuce with the low carb bun. The bun is made out of almond meal, coconut meal, (amongst other ingredients i assume), and has under 9grams of carbohydrates. The texture was nice, not rubbery but not traditional in the risen dough way, and it didn’t have a big taste either it was just kind of, ‘there’. Although it was nice, i would just say it is so thin you could probably just roll a regular roll out that thin and it would be just as little carbs (and easier to eat and without having to pay the extra $1.50!).

  The pattie was moist, with a crispy edge, and a great flavour, the avacado added some delicious creaminess (although sparse), and the lettuce and carrot gave it great colour, but the pineapple wasn’t really to my taste with an already fairly wet burger.

The absolute stand out of the meal was the Chips Share Platter. I couldn’t pick whether i wanted regular, zucchini (courgette) or sweet potato chips, but thankfully Grill’d already had that covered. For $14, you get all three with Sweet Chilli Mayo, Herbed Mayo & Hot Chilli Mayo. Individually, the chips come to $13.40, and with dips $15.50 so it is definitely worth buying the platter. The sweet potato crisps were thick, with a soft inside and not greasy like I find a lot are. The regular were the perfect cut, not too big like wedges, not too thin so they’re soggy, with a great crunch and a sprinkling of herbs for great flavour. With a breadcrumb coating, the zucchini chips were just as perfect with a crispy coating, but still soft in the middle, and they added a bit of freshness to the rest of the chips (although I wouldn’t pick them over the others, I would 100% have to recommend ordering all 3).

Although I can’t give a first hand review, the meat burgers were also said to be delicious. overall, it was one of the best meals out I’ve ever had, with delightful staff, gorgeous food, a great lively atmosphere, and funky decor.

I’m just begging they come to the UK soon …

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