Got a couple of those awkward vegans for to buy for this Christmas? Buying for anyone with dietary needs can be tricky (those Terrys Chocolate Oranges you normally give jsut aren’t going to cut it), but vegans can cause even more anxiety as it’s a whole lifestyle change (that cute bracelet you saw, checked it’s not leather?).

So here’s 10 present ideas that are available worldwide, and ranging from £5 to £125; perfect for every style and budget.


Booja-Booja Truffles

These truffles are ridiculously good. Like seriously. They taste like the creamiest chocolatelyist most delicious cube you may ever come across. Unfortunately hey’re not cheap either, which is why these are a great treat to buy for someone who probably wouldn’t buy it for themselves.


Dr Martens

At £125, these are a great main present for someone in need of a sturdy pair of shoes.


Peanut Butter Jumper

These jumpers from RAD come with all sorts of food/drink on them (also check out the Avocado, and Tofu), and my friend at college owns a tonne and loves them – they’re a lot better quality in real life than I would have thought and great to wear out or just as pyjamas.


1kg tub Nut Butter

This may seem like an odd present, but if you know someone as addicted to nut butters as I am then believe my – it’s the dream. And while peanut butter may be cheap(ish), 1kg of almond butter can be pushing on £20, so this is a gift that will definitely be appreciated (and last a lot longer than a bottle of wine).


The Body Shop

Anything for the Body Shop is a good idea, but they do a particularly good job with their gift sets.


Eat Veggies Not Friends T-Shirt

I’ve had this shirt for almost 5 years now and I still think it’s as cute as ever, perfect tucked into a black denim skirt, tights, and them vegan Dr Martens.



Anything from LUSH is always a fail safe, and they’re famous for producing fun themed bath bombs for every occasion (and their tote bags last forever).


MooFree Chocolate Bars

For people that want that vegan chocolate fix, but not overly keen on super strong/dark chocolate, these are a great option as they come in a variety of flavours and still taste nice and creamy,



Axiology Lipsticks

These lipsticks come in a wide variety of shades from beige brown all the way to navy blue, and have gorgeous packaging and pigmentation.

dark wreath.jpg

Hotel Chocolate

Hotel Chocolate have amazing gifts to suit every taste imaginable (boozy, fruity, nutty, marshmallow’y’, they have it all), and this is my favourite pick out of their dark chocolate Christmas products, It’s also available in a larger size for £22 and a smaller at £8.


I hope this hopes anyone looking for a gift for a vegan, or meat eaters alike!


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