For the third year running, we took the hour long car drive down to Bury St Edmunds for their Christmas Fayre – and for the third year running I loved every minute of it!

Bury St Edmunds itself is a gorgeous town in Suffolk that I would recommend visiting any time of the year, but the Christmas Fayre has such a lovely, traditional vibe to it that’s the closest I can get to the German Christmas Markets (which are definitely on my bucket list to visit in a few years).

Funell Cake dusted with cinnamon sugar

Edamne Beans with Kimchi (I also had a chickpea curry but that didn’t look so appetising)

Trying to move away from dairy more this year, I was a bit saddened that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my favourite treats like the last two years (the hot chocolate they sell is DIVINE), but luckily there was still plenty to enjoy as I’ve captured below. One of my favourite things about the Fayre is that it’s located right in the centre; so even after you’ve looked round all the Christmas stalls there are still all the ‘normal’ shops to go around.

They even had dairy free fudge (!!) which was amazing btw.

It takes place all the way from Thursday (2-8pm) to Sunday (10-5pm), and even though we went on the Sunday it is still packed (some people may find it too busy, but I love being around the bustling stalls knowing every one their is as excited for Christmas as you are).

Festive bakes from the Tudor Bake House.

For more information/pictures, check out their:





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