Brick pizza is renowned for being one of, if not THE best place for pizza in Norwich; and it isn’t hard to see why. They do pizzas, just pizzas, and they do them properly. The place itself is tiny, seating no more than 24 people with a rustic vibe yet incredibly clean and bright, they have ingredients splayed everything, with massive tones of tomatoes almost as decoration, and a chilled vibe that is a pleasure to eat in.

The vegan pizza (£10) comes with violife cheese, roasted vegetables (courgettes, aubergine, peppers) and basil on a tomato base. As someone who is used to ordering pizzas without the cheese for the last year, I find the vegan cheese almost too cheesy, but for someone who loves pizza like that (which is probably most) it’s absolutely perfect. I also loved the variation of vegetables, which were soft but still had a good texture from the courgette edges and few bits of celery (don’t let that put you off if you are not a huge celery fan, it was hardly any). If anything, I could have done with more basil but again that’s personal preference. They also do a plain pizza with tomato and oregano which I’ve also had and loved (but I would say is less filling than the others, as you would probably expect). The bases are all thin, crispy, but still have amazing texture. Because of this, they also take hardly any time to cook and we were served within 15 minutes.

They do also do a small amount of side dishes; dough bowls (as above), side salad, and olives. The dough balls were AMAZING. They come with garlic butter or Nutella, but omit this and they are thick, fluffy, vegan bites of heaven. I also think it’s nice to have these as the pizzas are so thin, and sometimes you just want that chunk of carbs. For £5 they are definitely great value for money, better than pizza express (yep I said it) and we shared between 4 – although I could probably eat a whole one to myself.

Undoubtedly this is becoming one of my favourite places to eat in the city.

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