BERLIN 2019 // Life + Travels

Berlin is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited. As a place I consider fairly modern, with amazing engineering, at the heart of the European Union, a generally stable political order (at the moment at least) and social security, the ruggedness of the city shocked me at first.

There aren’t the vast numbers of high rise glass offices like London, nor the beautiful cobble streets of Italy. But the history you can find behind every building makes it somewhere you could walk around for hours and never get bored.

Obviously it does have the usual Starbucks, McDonalds etc, which are always nice to see if you’re not confident with your German speaking skills, but everyone I encountered were so friendly and far better at English than I was at German! The Berlin Mall is also a great place to go if you’re not so much into history, and they had everything from Bershka to Lindt (which smelt absolutely amazing) to a supermarket!

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