Erpingham house is Britain’s first all vegan, primarily plastic free restaurant that opened its doors in 2018 and has been at the forefront of the Norwich vegan scene ever since. It’s interior design, from another local Norwich shop ‘Berry’s and Grey’ is an instagrammer’s dream with shades of pinks, greys, white and of course a flower wall.

They have an extensive menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, but the ‘Bottomless Pancake Brunch’ event caught my eye. My visit in February was only the second time they have put it on, but after how successful the first two have gone I think it’s becoming a monthly event!

For £9.99 each, you receive your first plate of pancakes (a conservative three) and a plate of toppings to share between two which includes grilled banana, apple compote, mixed berries, ‘Nutella’ style spread, coconut yogurt, maple syrup and lemon slices. You then simply ask the waitress for more pancakes until you’re suitably stuffed! If you want more toppings you can order another plate for £4.99.

The pancakes themselves reminded of the scotch pancakes you used to buy from supermarkets (and eat cold if you couldn’t wait to heat them up) and are honestly the nicest vegan pancakes I’ve ever had – even my non vegan family said you couldn’t tell the difference! All the toppings were delicious but the pancakes were just so good (light, not overly sweet, fresh and warm) that my favourite was simple lemon juice and syrup.

I managed a respectable 12 pancakes and the record number of pancakes eaten so far is an impress 30, with another sellout brunch coming in March I wonder if there will be a new winner in town …

BERLIN 2019 // Life + Travels

Berlin is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever visited. As a place I consider fairly modern, with amazing engineering, at the heart of the European Union, a generally stable political order (at the moment at least) and social security, the ruggedness of the city shocked me at first.

There aren’t the vast numbers of high rise glass offices like London, nor the beautiful cobble streets of Italy. But the history you can find behind every building makes it somewhere you could walk around for hours and never get bored.

Obviously it does have the usual Starbucks, McDonalds etc, which are always nice to see if you’re not confident with your German speaking skills, but everyone I encountered were so friendly and far better at English than I was at German! The Berlin Mall is also a great place to go if you’re not so much into history, and they had everything from Bershka to Lindt (which smelt absolutely amazing) to a supermarket!


On a recent family get away to Suffolk, we visited the amazing ’round house’ in Ickworth. This is a national trust site that my parents visited years ago, and despite they’re sometimes less riveting picks, this was one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail on the building, as well as the vast expanse of land, made it a beautiful trip. The house also had two cafes, one inside and one out (the inside was not cheap, at about £7 for a simple jacket potato!) but did provide lots of options such as vegan lasagne! The outside kiosk also had lots of more affordable light bites, like ice cream, scones and sandwiches.


NORTH/FRANKS BAR // Food Outtings

NORTH is a quirky cafe located near Colegate and Norwich Cathedral in the ‘North’ of the city, hence the name. It is a sister cafe to the well established franks bar, but has that same laid back feeling and serves drinks, lighter snacks on display like scones and cakes (including vegan options!), as well as breakfast and lunch meals.

I opted for the shakshuka with tofu (also available with egg), aubergines, and served with pita bread. The sauces itself was pretty spicy, but the more neutral, soft tofu helped tone that down. For me the star of the show was the bread, which was the softest pita I have ever had!

We also ordered chips, which are some of the best I have ever eaten. They were just the right thickness, almost wedge like with the skin on, and served piping hot, and salted (my I would ask for slightly less salt next time but a grind of black pepper helped that out).

They also do a range of ciabattas, such as this with carrot falafel, cauliflower/garlic purée and garlic. Again, the falafel did have a kick but the purée was so smooth and creamy, and you could taste the ciabatta was fresh and locally made.

NORTH is much larger than Franks, with seating going outside and attracting young friends meeting for coffee, older couples enjoying cocktails and family’s having hearty lunches.

Unfortunately it does shut Sunday and Monday, but being open from 9am to 10pm (11pm on Friday and Saturdays) means there is plenty of time to try it out. A great cafe in a beautiful part of the city that often gets overlooked as it is not quite in the ‘city centre’ with chain shops etc.