Vegan Pesto, Gluten Free Granola and YoYos // LifeStyle

I’m incredibly stingy when it comes to money. Almost embarrassingly stingy if I’m honest. The majority of my wardrobe it under £15, and if you see me spending over £20 on something it’s a rarity. You stick me in a food shop however, and it’s a whole new story. As a lover of all food, I’ll happily splash out if I knew its going to taste good, but if its healthy, then I will really go all out.


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Figs, Tahini and Leftover Salads // Weekly Eats

When it comes to blogging, I have one major down fall. Coming up with ideas – easy. Making the recipes – love it. Taking pictures – no problem. Eating the meals – the more the better. But. By I always seem to just forget to write it. By the time I finished making it (and eating) it all, chosen pictures, edited and re-edited, transferred the pictures to my laptop, remember what I actually did, my momentum goes from ‘omg this is just gunna look sooo bloggable’ (slight exaggeration) to ‘ahh, I’ll write it tomorrow…’.


Roast kale, tomatoes, pre cooked brown rice/quinoa, torn mozzarella and quartered figs.

So, to try and help actually get a few more posts out there, I’m going to make it (hopefully) a whole lot easier for me and simply group together lots of my meals, write a brief summary of what they are. And that’s it. No fiddling about with converting ingredients or methods etc etc. Hopefully, this way I’ll actually share some more recipes rather then just a hoard of pictures building up on my camera roll. I’m not saying I’ll never post full recipes, but hopefully this way there can be a nice, more consistent, mix!

leeks, broccoli, carrot, pepper red onion  Leftover leeks and broccoli steamed, red onion, carrots, yellow peppers and chives

couscous lentil cumin pot, peas, paprika and green pepper

Couscous, peas, green pepper and paprika

brown rice chicpeas, steamed asparagus, baby corn, carrot, mediteranean veg tahini

Brown rice with chickpeas, steamed carrot, baby sweetcorn, asparagus, mediterranean vegetables and tahini, garlic and lemon dressing (I have a slight new obsession with tahini, hopefully I’ll write a bit more about it very soon) 

Have a lovely end to the week,

Love Vic x

Sweet Potato and Bean Stew Recipe


This stew is so full of flavour, so easy, and perfect with quinoa/brown rice for something more hearty or on a bed of kale for some extra nutritional boost. It’s also super versatile, you can basically put in any sort of fresh veg, tinned beans or herbs too really make it your own. You can even use less vegetables, add some boiling water and have it as more of a ‘soupy’ stew simply on its own.

Serves 2 small

1 x 400g tin chopped tomatoes

1 x 400g tin mixed beans rinsed

80g sweet potato cubed, steamed for 5 minutes until slightly softer

100g frozen spinach

1tsp tumeric

1 tsp curry powder

To serve

120g quinoa/ brownrice/buckwheat etc


1 bag of kale steamed (around 240g)


Throw everything in a medium sauce pan, heat on a medium flame until the sweet potatoes are soft but not disintegrating and piping hot (around 30 minutes).

Check seasoning, adding any herbs/spices you wish, and voila! Serve with any grain/vegetable and enjoy! This tastes even better the next day when all the flavours have developed even further.


Love Vic x