One Pan Spicy Veg, Beef and Egg // Recipe

This ‘recipe’ is one I eat on a near daily basis. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you can mix and match any ingredients for whatever you have in the fridge. If having for breakfast, I imagine most people would leave out the beef (I like it, but maybe as Quorn doesn’t have quite the same ‘meaty’ taste), and substitute for another egg. Any veg will do really, I often chuck in some kale, courgette, mushrooms etc, so today’s was just what I had in the draws. You can also change the spice according to your tastes, completely leaving it out altogether or adding a whole chilli if you really fancy it!

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Vegan Pesto, Gluten Free Granola and YoYos // LifeStyle

I’m incredibly stingy when it comes to money. Almost embarrassingly stingy if I’m honest. The majority of my wardrobe it under £15, and if you see me spending over £20 on something it’s a rarity. You stick me in a food shop however, and it’s a whole new story. As a lover of all food, I’ll happily splash out if I knew its going to taste good, but if its healthy, then I will really go all out.


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